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You Can Change The World If You Change Your Mind

On Saturday, March 30th, some absolutely amazing family friends took me to see Kinky Boots on Broadway. To give you a basic summary, a guy trying to save his family’s shoe factory stumbles across a drag queen and in the next few minutes of the show, her shoe is broken. An idea is sown and this story about friendship, identity, love, and finding oneself emerges.

I had an amazing amount of fun. On one level I will appreciate anyone who likes well made, gorgeous shoes (that sounds weirdly dirty…); on another, this show has the energy of Cindi Lauper and the emotion of the Lion King (I cry every time he falls 😦 ).


I really don’t want to spoil anything because I want to encourage everyone to see it. Even if you are not a fan of musicals or drag, they are not the point of the show. The underlying message, put to a fun soundtrack (thank you Cyndi Lauper), is that accepting someone for who they are can change the world. Maybe just your world, but really, every moment of acceptance slowly makes this world a better place.

Apologies for being slightly out of focus!

There were two major actors that stood out for their performance. The first thing that stands out is the subtle but powerful strength Billy Porter gives to the character Lola. Porter manages to connect a subject many have not been exposed to (drag) to the emotions of the audience. The storyline may create a natural idea of drag, but it is the actor who makes Lola seem so relateable to our own emotions.

Secondly, Annaleigh Ashford stands out. Dang can that girl sing! Throughout the show the power in her voice was always there, she never wavered and consistently matched her voice to the dorky adorableness of her character.

As a group, Lola’s club girls were the best chorus group I have ever seen. Those girls can move like nothing I have ever seen. Alllll of the respect!

You can check out the show here


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