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Getting Sunburnt In Washington D.C.

On the 12th to the 14th of April, I hoped on a bus and headed to the land of Obama! i.e. D.C. Baby!

It was rainy and miserable up here in the north, so heading down we were hoping for sun and boy did we get it! The sky was a perfect blue the whole time we were there and you could feel the last bits of winter hanging on in the shade. Of course, with the sun, I inevitably got sunburnt. I grew up on the equator and have lived in Australia most of my life; skin what are you doing?!

We arrived in D.C. quite late on the 12th, headed to our hostel, checked in, then went out for some amazzzinnggg curry. Sadly I didn’t think to take a picture, shows how hungry I was! I got Green Thai Curry and it was delicious (though not as good as my mums! 🙂

OK, now on to the pictures!

Saturday was spent walking… and walking… and then a bit more walking. In all about 10km I’d say. We spent the morning at the Cherry Blossom Festival! It was sunny and everyone was there. The walkways were packed with people young and old.

Clowns: SImply The Best

Then we headed out and saw… well about everything you possibly can.

D.C. was a marvelous place. People were friendly, the weather was nice and everything felt calm (even with tens of thousands of tourists rambling about). Walking down the streets it felt very comfortable and, dare I say it, home-y.

Personally I most enjoyed the flowers. There was so much marvel from people when seeing the hundred and hundreds of trees that were everywhere and ranged from bright pinks to whites. No matter how amazing a city is architecturally I always feel like the way it sits in and works with nature truly shows the beauty in the city.


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