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Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

I first went to Angkor Wat when I was a little girl, perhaps around 8, before the area had many tourists. There was still mass areas with signs saying ‘Land Mines!’. It was raw, it was climbable and everyone was friendly. We ate at a local restaurant nearby and played soccer with a group of children around my age. The ball was made of scrap fabrics but we didn’t care; everyone was smiling and everyone was happy. That is my first and most memorable encounter with culture, with people who surprised me in every way.

What does culture mean to you? It’s a inherent part of my university degree and now I see culture in every action, every person, every word.

My photo for this week is an old photo from when I did not own my new camera or infact a camera at all. I was borrowing my mums camera and had no clue what to do. I went to Cambodia and Vietnam with some close friends, had a ball and came home with some new ideas and a lot of new things!

Angkor Wat with Monks


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