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Travel Goal for 2014


Every year I find myself wanting to be somewhere and do something completely new. A roommate mentioned a while ago that her brother was traveling Japan and was having a great time. I’ve never been to Japan. I once was at the airport in Tokyo for a stopover, but the most I remember is my little brother having an asthma attack and us frantically searching for a power point to  give him medicine. Not such a pleasant association?

I’ve heard so much though. Did you know that Tokyo has around 32 million people and is the biggest metropolitan area in the world? It’s also made up of 23 areas that are governed as separate cities. Combine this with the culture; art, music, fashion and you have a place that could never get boring.

My goal for 2014 is to travel there. I don’t know when in the year or how I’ll get there or who I can recruit to go with me but I want to see this amazing city. I want to go to Tokyo and wander around until my feet are aching and my head is full.

Picture by Vincent available here


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