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The City That Froze My Toes Near Off Pt. 2!

Good evening dear people,

So I posted part one of my trip to Montreal and then forgot to post Part 2! Oh dear.. well better late then never!

*Queue me figuring out where I stopped*

The first day in Montreal I headed down to Chinatown! I must say, this doesn’t quite compare to any other China Town I have been to. The gate was amazing, but the rest was very much the same as the rest of Montreal.

IMGP0614Moving onwards and forward I stumbled into ‘Old Town’, which in summer is apparently covered in tourists. Well I only saw one…

She was just standing on the corner and when she noticed I was taking a photo she grabbed her camera and took a photo of me. I suppose that’s fair game!
Wandering through these streets it is hard to imagine the crowded, horse and people filled streets that were here generations ago. The area has been turned into a tourist trap with the price tag attached…

One day I stopped to buy lunch here and eating a salad wrap and a brownie cost me $13… On the good side it was the best wrap I have had in a long long time. I think I’ve gotten a bit too used to the sugar in American food.

I believe it was over the next day (from 5pm to 5pm) when I set out to see as many of the churches and cathedrals as I possibly could. Following shall be some of my many shots from the outside of the beautiful places of Montreal.

I only have inside shots from one church (the best) because the others I just felt wrong interrupting those who might be trying to pray with my cameras shutter.

Now for my favourite bit of Montreal! Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal or just the plain old Notre-Dame Basilica in English. This church has some of the most dramatic Gothic Revival architecture in the world we were told, and really, from the inside it is not that hard to believe.

The church was made in three different stages. Firstly it was built behind an already existing church in the 1820s. The knocked down the old church but kept the bell tower because the basilica had run out of money to finish and build the bell towers! It took them another 13 years to add the two bell towers.

About 30 years later the church reconstructed the inside to look like it currently does. That work took seven years and boy does it look like it.

After seeing this church nothing quite compared. Montreal is beautiful place, in winter the churches are near empty and stunning in their beauty. Montreal is a place I recommend but if churches aren’t your thing maybe go in summer, winter is beautiful but shockingly cold.


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