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City Edition: Chicago!

Chicago, land of brick, nature and above ground subway trains!

Well that was my impression at least. I was very impressed with Chicago’s spread of nature; compared to New York, Chicago is practically a forest and boy was it great.

Navy Pier

First stop, Navy Pier! The pier holds everything from an imax theatre to a ferris wheel; both of which I experienced.

The ferris wheel was running and a Navy Pier staff member was trying to beat the world record for world’s longest ferris wheel ride. 3o Hours he had to be up there; he was on hour 23 when I was there. Honestly I’m scared of Ferris Wheels so that seems insane to me!

I did get on the Ferris wheel though. I couldn’t justify not hoping on something I may never get to do again, plus missing the amazing views of the Chicago skyline would just be travel blasphemy! If you go to Chicago, Navy Pier is a must do!


The Aquarium plus the Coastline

Out of all the museums in Chicago I chose to go the Aquarium. Half museum, half interesting things to stare at and find adorable. I am definitely an adult.

To get to the Aquarium I walked past Buckingham Fountain, which is immense and from twenty meters away you can still feel water spraying on to you. Then, I continued onward to the coastline, which is actually just all concrete around downtown Chicago. This walk was amazing and they had trees in full bloom just set back from the water.

The aquarium was another case. Honestly, if you are going to go to Chicago and are limited on time, perhaps leave the aquarium. The aquarium is fun and lovely but overall it is a reading experience, you do not get close to many of the animals aside from starfish and fish. Their show that is on every hour in peak times is actually also a learning session, showing the audience how they train the animals. So if you are heading to the Aquarium for a fun afternoon, don’t. It was lovely and I found the penguins and the dolphins and everything adorable but I wanted more animals and more interaction.


Chicago Zoo

The zoo! Oh how I love animals.

There are two zoos in Chicago and the main one is free! Excellence! I spent half a day here and could have happily spent more if I was with friends or children. The zoo is spread out in an almost figure eight pattern so walking around is easy and all the animals are easy to spot. Personally my favourites were the Meerkats, they’re just so cute; how could anyone resist their little faces?


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