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I Went To The United Nations!

During my last few days in the United States, I was staying in NYC and the most memorable part of that time is my trip to the United Nations.

Firstly I would like to mention how miserable the weather was so I was awfully glad to be inside. Secondly, ever since I learnt about the UN in high school it has been a point of fascination for me. As a highschooler I even participated in a Mock United Nations Association. I was assigned China and my job was to consider the proposals according to the research I had done about my countries attitudes and policies. Well, seeing the real thing is better than I could have imagined.

It was stunning to see the place where the world is actually changed. The exhibition they had in the area was also important. They have a few mini exhibitions near the general assembly; the ones that stuck out were about nuclear weapons and human rights. They have objects that were taken from Hiroshima in the exhibition; these pieces have literally melted at nearly 1 km away from the impact site.

Lastly, there were exerts made from the Declaration of Human Rights. As the guide stated, they are made and are so simple even a child could understand them and hopefully everyone will in future generations.

I was incredibly thrilled to see the UN now, as I believe after June 2013 they are closing the area for renovations and will not reopen until 2015. At which point the vistor’s centre will be moved out of the general and security council area. This visit was something to remember.


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