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Top Ten Dream Destinations

My dream destination list is quite long and very random but today I thought I would put together the top ten places or journeys I want to go to/do. Anyone have a particular place they are dying to go to?
1) Antarctica
How could this not be number one? It is the ultimate destination, the least explored continent on earth and an environment so drastically different to my own I can not even imagine. This is on my ‘to-do before I’m thirty’ list; it’s just so damn expensive!
Antarctica Trip 2001
2) The Trans-Siberian Railway
Russia, my ultimate frontier! It’s been a thing for me since I even knew there was a railway connecting China and Russia. I just think it would be the most amazing site and experience.
Trans-Siberian Railway 1990. Barabinsk Station.
3) Eygpt
Camels, Mummies, Pyramids, Oh My! C’mon, it’s Eygpt!


4) Croatia
First I saw beautiful blue water and stunning views on a friend’s Facebook and then every backpacker I talk to has loved the place. Sounds like heaven in a country!


5) Petra, Jordan
A blogger recently did this trek. For the life of me I can not remember who! Comment if it was you? Well the photos and description on that blog were enough to put it at number 5 on my list.


6) Machu Picchu
What traveler does not want to go here is the real question. I would love to do the trek and take ten million photos along the way.

Machu Picchu Peru

7) South Africa
This has to do with a mix of things. I really want to go on a safari; secondly I really want to do conservation volunteering in South Africa; thirdly, I love their accent!

South Africa-14

8) Bora Bora
The pictures you want of your honeymoon. Perfection in a photo and perhaps a place? Anyone been to this insanely expensive island?


9) Japan
This was actually in one of my earlier posts. I learnt earlier this year that the city of Tokyo is so big that it is actually separated into separate running cities. What?!

Tokyo City Lights

10) Islands
Honestly, I associate being on a beach around food, drinks and fun with a lot of my childhood traveling around South East Asia. I think it’s where I truly truly feel at peace. I will always be happy on an island beach.

Kata beach sunset

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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Dream Destinations”

  1. We have overlapping lists in several areas. Egypt, The Trans-Siberian, Machu Pichu and Petra. I’ve a trip to Peru and Machu Pichu booked for April. I’ve done all the others except Antarctica but that really isn’t on my list although I would like to see Patagonia and I guess if you’re going that far you might as well keep on going south.

    1. Ah, just realised I never replied! Traveling is hectic! How are you doing Machu Picchu? with a tour? If so, which one? I’m planning to do the Trans-Siberian after I graduate my masters as gift to myself, motivation lol. Egypt is in my plans for next year.

      1. I understand completely, no worries. My Machu Pichu trip in April will be part of a larger tour that also includes the Galapagos Islands. Although I generally dislike most tours, I have a lot of confidence in my travel agent for this one (who is also coming) and the logistics from Lima to Cusco then up the mountain and back, and on to Quito in time to board the plane out to Galapagos for a 7-day cruise about the islands seemed too hard to just wing it on my own. There are several packages that appear to pretty much do the same thing and it looks like getting up and down Machu Pichu will be somewhat of a tourist thing but that’s the best way to actually get up there and see it.

        I do envy you the Trans-Siberian. What I really want to do is travel the entire Silk Road from Beijing to Istanbul but I think I would need a really good Land Rover, body guards, lots of cash to bribe border guards, and advance permissions from countries that may not be keen on an American traipsing across their landscapes. The Trans-Siberian is a good alternative.

      2. lol I would love to do the Silk Road as well! Alas, current turmoil puts a stopper in that.

        Sounds like an amazing trip! I agree, I have heard that the machu picchu trip is quite touristy. I think doing it in a tour is probably a lot easier then organising anything by yourself simply because of the already set up systems groups have. I envy your the island cruising! I’m half way through my backpacking trip and could with some relaxing right about now lol

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