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Things To Do This Break

Today is the first day of my mid-semester break. Two weeks of no work to hand in, no classes and no traveling in every day. Usually this ends up with me spending a few days on the couch and then the rest of the break in bed on the internet. Well, not this time!

I am determined to get out and do things this break. I want to readjust myself to shooting shots around Sydney. I want to go on a bush walk. I want to have a picnic and I want to go somewhere I’ve never been. There are lots of nice places I have never been that are only a few stops on the train away from me. I want to start my hours to get my license to teach swimming.

I live in a beautiful country and an amazing city. It would be a shame to not enjoy it while I am here.

Does anyone else have plans or a to do list for the holidays? What do you do on your breaks?

Daintree Rainforest, Cairns, Australia

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