Music Obsession: Iggy Azalea

Hello Friends!

A couple of days ago I was introduced to Iggy Azalea, a rapper. She is originally Australian but has lived in the U.S., mainly Miami and other southern cities, since she was sixteen. Azalea’s debut studio album The New Classic, is set to be released in late 2013; which I am very excited by. I heard Work first and loved the tune, though I didn’t understand the lyrics until a friend explained her story. After listening to Work in the car, I got home and looked her up. Then I heard Change Your Life. 

The song has Azalea singing for the first time and wow! I love the song. It’s fun, it’s catchy and the beat is incredibly strong. Every aspect of this song is integrated to form a seamless product that I think will sell very well. Most importantly, I know I will be out running with this as part of my soundtrack. Hope you love it too.

(Warning: Video and lyrics are explicit)



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