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Bioderma Crealine H20- Reviewed for Sensitive Skin

Backpacking through Europe introduced me to so many experiences. One I was particularly excited about was the chance to look in a French pharmacy. As many bloggers have written before, I went a little crazy.

Pharmacie Malard, Commercy

Though to be honest, I was quite intimidated! I stood in the pharmacy, in my backpacking clothes and felt way to dirty to be in such a polished place. There was no wall space left unclaimed; row after row of French products stretched out in front of me and I had no clue where to start.

I ended up getting a few things; but this post is talking about the product Bioderma cleansing water. All beauty bloggers and vloggers rave about it but as an Australian it is near impossible to try it out. Also, I have very sensitive skin so I am careful about what I put on or near my face.

BiodermaI will not go on about how great it is for removing makeup (it’s amazing), I will tell you how this works with my sensitive skin.

The first few times I used Bioderma my skin did go a bit red, there was minor irritation from using a new product and from using cotton pads on the skin. I told you my skin was sensitive! 😛 After that I could see most of my makeup was off with the one quick clean. The makeup patches left on were around dry skin or acne areas, they required a careful second sweep with the cotton pad.

I would not use this as a cleanser (I have heard some do) because I noticed a thin oily film remains after cleaning. I use this first and then grab my cleanser for a thorough cleanse of the skin.

Overall, this is a great product for sensitive skin! Just always test it on you inner elbow first

Xx Casey Louise


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