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Dream Big.

Today I want to talk about Blogilates latest post ‘Don’t let small minds convince you your dreams are too big’. It made me think of writing earlier this year about realisations while swimming in Lake Zurich. I think writing Swimming with Mountains was an important milestone in my life.

Cassey (No not me! Blogilates author) wrote 5 Rules To Be Successful in her post.

“RULE #1: Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.

RULE #2: Delete negative people out of your life so that you can grow stronger and happier.

RULE #3: Believe in yourself to the max. Know that everything will work out.

RULE #4: Don’t wait. Just do. Work hard. Be grateful.

RULE #5: Let it happen.”

I’m going to debate these. Not any of the rules, but the title. These are not rules to be successful, they are important steps in learning to work your own life to your advantage. Steps towards reaching those milestones and realisations like my Lake Zurich moment.

Backpacking across Europe I used every one of these rules. Missed a flight across Europe, so I caught a 25 hour bus. Those kind of things are what make or break you. I wrote in Swimming with Mountains “I have found more of myself this year than I think I ever even knew there was.” This post from Cassey reminded me of that. I’ve been at home for a while and I think I was being pulled back under disbelief and straight into a rut.

I’m going to post a big chunk from what I wrote last time because I so thoroughly needed to read these words again and remember that moment and that strength I found within. I hope they help you as well.

“[This year] has also made me realise that I can do and be anything. There is nothing holding me back. The same with every person. We are not stuck in one place, to one job, or to certain people. We can get up and leave; we can explore and wander and find new things everyday, whether that be within ourselves or in surroundings.

The point I am getting to here is that I am amazed at this world and I am amazed at the possibility in every human being. I hope, more than anything else, that everyone can see that possibility and grasp it. Take a risk, do something silly, do something insane or maybe just take a tiny step outside your comfort zone. You may just discover the world is not so scary after all.”

Xx Casey

Glarner Alpen - Etzel - Pfannenstiel - Zürichsee - Saffa-Insel (Theaterspektakel) 2010-08-26 19-45-56

By Roland zh (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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