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And life goes on and on and on

This week I have a presentation due for one of my classes, I also have a draft memoir piece and countless other things due in the next few weeks. I don’t know if I have actually ever mentioned what I do. I am a media student, to be precise I will be graduating in June with a Bachelor of Arts – Media.

Going to university day after day I feel like time passes quicker than I care it to. The simple fact that I have things due makes whatever deity look down at her watch and cackle while carefully moving the pieces faster and faster.

What I really wanted to talk about was that memoir piece I mentioned. I’m doing a memoir class this semester. What is a memoir? Well firstly, it is not an autobiography. A memoir is a piece written around a specific period of time, or around a theme in your life. It is snippets of your life. An autobiography is your life, sequentially and detailed. I just thought I’d mention that because I saw The Family today. Great movie, but the dad in the movie got the two mixed up. (yes, yes a media student just being picky)

Ok, time for the point, I swear! Writing a memoir around my time traveling as a child, my experience as a child expat, is more telling than I thought it would be. Choosing to write about and analyse your own life is powerful. You end up remembering the sad and happy moments, having random revelations and realising exactly where you are right now.

Looking at my childhood has made me realise exactly how much I have built myself around that constant traveling, adventure and cultural change. It has also made me realise all that has happened in my life and how much time has passed. Time is a precious thing and I’ve realised I’m quite proud of how I have spent my 20 years. Now, to use the rest of the time I have wisely. Hopefully I can write a awesome memoir in another twenty years reflecting on what I have done in my life.

Time will tell.

My dad and I in Mexico in 2004.
My dad and I in Mexico in 2004.

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