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My Earliest Childhood Memory

Today I thought I would delve into the past and ask, what is the earliest thing I can remember?

Well, that would be the sound of a car exploding.

Owned and licensed under creative commons by flickr user Averain

I was 3 or 4 and in the bath when a huge glass-rattling *bang* was heard. Suddenly, everything was silent. There were no sounds in the neighborhood until, just as shock-inducing, sirens started to go off. I can even picture the bath, the bubbles and my mum freezing in horror sitting next to the bath. My older sister was somewhere in the room, but who really pays attention to their siblings 😛

I would later find out that a car had exploded down the hill from our house, in fact, in my pre-school car park. The roof of the car had even landed in a neighbours backyard!

The following days I can also remember very clearly, they were filled with finding glass in the pre-school play area, meeting firemen and seeing burnt McDonalds wrappers in the burnt out car.

What a life I have lived! LOL

Xo Casey



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