Christmas Present Guide for Brothers, Dads, etc.

Well since it is so close to Christmas I though I might use this time to write a Christmas gift guide! I am so excited but also woefully behind on buying presents. Eek! Below are some quick and easy gifts for the men in your life.

Under $20

Choloate FlorentinesA favourite food or sweet
Giving someone their favourite sweet is a great idea for the holiday season. Part of the indulgence of the season is having all your favourite foods, so why not help that along?

A prepacked gift set or hamper
There are lots of little season sets in the local stores. If your boyfriend, dad, etc. is a massive coffee fiend, you could pick up a sample set of different types. The same goes for chocolate, cookies, hot sauces, bbq sets and so on.

Under $50

Ralph Lauren BlueA Small Cologne
Love a certain cologne? This is the time of year to introduce a new cologne, or gift an old favourite. A small version can be great to test if it suits someone, then you can get the big version for their birthday!

A New Tie
The classic present for a man. Surely they need another! Perhaps ask some sneaky question about their taste before going shopping.

$100 and Under

A Business Shirt
A nice business shirt can not go wrong. Most men need one at some point and a classy one can impress everyone around. This could be your chance to add a little fashion to someones wardrobe 😉

A Nice Pair of SlippersUGG Boots
When it hits winter my dad has taken to complaining and stealing my mums slippers. Buying a nice new pair is a great thought, especially in colder areas! Remember to watch for the specials/sales to get a great bargain.

Over $100

Buy a RedBalloon experience
What could be better than helping your brother or dad achieve their dream of driving a V8 racecar? Or taking a hot air balloon ride? Or Skydiving? Something to remember forever. Red Balloon has over 2000 different experiences you can buy for someone lucky.

Supatool 9 Drawer Tool ChestA New Toolchest
My dad has so many tools and they seem to always be everywhere around the house. If your dad is like mine, a handy gift might be a new toolchest! These can be quite expensive if you’re going for a nice metal one.

Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you all love your presents. 🙂

Xo Casey


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