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A New Way Of Eating

So for the first time in about a month a lifestyle post is being written! This post is being prompted by probably the biggest lifestyle change I have ever faced.

I’ve been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.

When I say that to people I generally get, “That means you can’t eat bread right?” Well, no. It means I can’t eat anything with wheat (so yes no bread) and I can not eat anything with certain additives, starch, flour, malt, and thickeners. Ladies and Gentlemen, my main source of carbs has been thrown out the window never to be seen again. Seriously, I will never see them again, my body attacks itself when it senses gluten has been eaten.

So, my main battle now is figuring out how to eat healthy and how to travel while eating gluten free. I suspect I’m going to be eating a lot of fruit and cooking at a lot of hostels. Remember, I have my six weeks in NZ at the end of the year.

Anyone got tips for travelling while Gluten Free?


2 thoughts on “A New Way Of Eating”

  1. Rice is usually pretty good (depending on the level of intolerance – I think most people are okay with rice if it’s not contaminated), and subbing out rice noodles for regular noodles makes a lot of pasta dishes still doable.
    There are some good paleo food blogs if you want to explore cooking without grains.

    1. Yep, rice is great! I eat so much of it now lol sometimes I feel like it is all I eat. I will definitely look into the rice noodles, sounds like I would like it.
      I’ve noticed the paleo link, it looks like the easiest way to find new recipes. Thanks for the advice 🙂

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