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And a new trip is booked..

Poppy Fields Launceston - Tracey Croke

So my NZ trip was cancelled due to a severe lack of funds but hey, never let it be said I don’t try to get away from Sydney at least once a year. Today I booked a trip to Tasmania. I’ll be heading down there with a friend for four nights in November! Woo!

2 nights in Launceston and 2 nights in Hobart. Sadly, it is incredibly expensive for 2 under 25s to hire a car so we will be staying in the city. But I don’t think that will affect the trip at all. There looks to be a lot to do!

I’ve never been to Tasmania. In fact, for all my travelling around the world, I’ve only been the to 5 Australian big cities, which equates to 3 states and one territory. For a place the size of the U.S. I may be neglecting Australia just a bit.

Does anyone have any tips for things to do in Launceston and Hobart?

Xo Casey


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