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Stress and Relaxation

Ok I’ll admit it. Life got me in the bee-hind. I was officially super stressed out for most of february. Not even in a terribly busy way. I was just stressed about what I had to do. Specifically, get an internship. and if I could get it on time for the new uni semester. This stress had me near pulling my hair out and doing pointless things instead of the things I really enjoy.

Well I got an internship and suddenly life seems easier. I suppose there is a lesson in that. Don’t let stress stop you doing what you love. All of this is a really long tale as to why I’ve been missing the last month. Now, let’s go over strategies. All the stress has been useful for one thing, I’ve developed a few anti-stress strategies this month. Really most of them are common sense, but hey, why argue with what works?

  1. Listen to a calming playlist. Spotify is great for finding the perfect mix for de-stressing.
  2. Make a cup of tea (or coffee). The familiar movements can make your brain take a step back.
  3. Take a bath, with lots of candles around and bubbles. C’mon who honestly doesn’t like a bubble bath?
  4. Make your favourite meal. Maybe a bit sparingly, it’s just not healthy to eat spag-bol for a whole month.
  5. Run! Ok even those who hate running, something about hitting a treadmill just is relaxing. I think it’s the rhythm, it just zones the brain. (Never a pavement for me, I hate hills and cement). But hey, if you’re having trouble zoning in, try ‘Zombies, Run!’
  6. Have the girls (or boys) round and hit the wine. I’m in my early twenties, sometimes this is the best solution to just chill out and turn the brain off.

So there are my strategies. Anyone else got some to recommend? Soon to be entering the real world me really does need them.



Also why is my spotify link not working? Grrrr wordpress! More stress!

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Anyone feel like life throws punches at you?

and then whoever dodges best ends up succeeding in life. Just a thought. I mean the whole world is a circus so it would only make sense.

Anyway, my life at the moment is incredibly boring but busy. I’m trying to get a PR internship (if anyone needs an intern let me know!), do pilates every day, get my license to teach swimming and volunteer as much as possible. This means my days are filled with blue shirts, applications, pools and yoga mats. It can be interesting and invigorating having things booked every day. But having health problems at the same time just makes things overly difficult.

Volunteering at Sydney FestivalI’m really looking forward to teaching swimming. Seeing kids improve with every day is amazing; their smiles and excitement as they realise they swam a lap or learnt doggy paddle for the first time are incredible and leave every day feeling positive.

That is what’s happening in my life, how about you? Got a new pet? How about a new pair of shoes?

Xo Casey


Christmas has come and gone…

and I’m back!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas πŸ™‚ I got a teapot that I absolutely adore and quite a few other things that I love. What was your favourite present? Rambo’s was his pet mouse.

Rambo loves his mouse #catsofinstagram #cats

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Xo Casey


Christmas Is The Best Time Of Year

I’ve always loved Christmas. When I lived overseas it was a grand affair involving planes and seeing relatives I only saw once a year. Now it’s a lot calmer. I mean compared to seven year old me kicking my sisters earing through her ear during excited play fighting, anything is calm.

Over the last week I have slowly been collecting and wrapping my families presents. I’ve also decorated the tree. Well, my mums present is still on it’s way but the rest are done! yay!

I've wrapped all my presents! #gifts #christmas

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Merry Christmas! The tree is finally decorated #Christmas #ChristmasTree #xmas

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I’ve gone over to Burwood for a birthday and some delicious food
BurwoodOn a rather exciting day I went to CostCo and found a giant teddy bear! Sadly I could not buy it..

Adventures at CostCo

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And that’s what I’ve been doing lately, Christmas has messed with my blog schedule, so I should be on time and in schedule by the 1st of Jan. Hope you all enjoy your Christmas!

Xo Casey


Christmas Present Guide for Brothers, Dads, etc.

Well since it is so close to Christmas I though I might use this time to write a Christmas gift guide! I am so excited but also woefully behind on buying presents. Eek! Below are some quick and easy gifts for the men in your life.

Under $20

Choloate FlorentinesA favourite food or sweet
Giving someone their favourite sweet is a great idea for the holiday season. Part of the indulgence of the season is having all your favourite foods, so why not help that along?

A prepacked gift set or hamper
There are lots of little season sets in the local stores. If your boyfriend, dad, etc. is a massive coffee fiend, you could pick up a sample set of different types. The same goes for chocolate, cookies, hot sauces, bbq sets and so on.

Under $50

Ralph Lauren BlueA Small Cologne
Love a certain cologne? This is the time of year to introduce a new cologne, or gift an old favourite. A small version can be great to test if it suits someone, then you can get the big version for their birthday!

A New Tie
The classic present for a man. Surely they need another! Perhaps ask some sneaky question about their taste before going shopping.

$100 and Under

A Business Shirt
A nice business shirt can not go wrong. Most men need one at some point and a classy one can impress everyone around. This could be your chance to add a little fashion to someones wardrobe πŸ˜‰

A Nice Pair of SlippersUGG Boots
When it hits winter my dad has taken to complaining and stealing my mums slippers. Buying a nice new pair is a great thought, especially in colder areas! Remember to watch for the specials/sales to get a great bargain.

Over $100

Buy a RedBalloon experience
What could be better than helping your brother or dad achieve their dream of driving a V8 racecar? Or taking a hot air balloon ride? Or Skydiving? Something to remember forever. Red Balloon has over 2000 different experiences you can buy for someone lucky.

Supatool 9 Drawer Tool ChestA New Toolchest
My dad has so many tools and they seem to always be everywhere around the house. If your dad is like mine, a handy gift might be a new toolchest! These can be quite expensive if you’re going for a nice metal one.

Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you all love your presents. πŸ™‚

Xo Casey

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Wanderlust: a constant affliction

Wanderlust is a special kind of affliction. It can really affect who you are and what you do on a day to day basis and yet it is one of the most amazing things to posses. As I once said to a friend, just because the world has been mapped, it doesn’t mean that the Christopher Columbus’ and Captain Cook’s have disappeared. The explorers still exist, we just have a lot more options (and no chance of scurvy!)

I just stumbled across this YouTube video in my subscriptions. Watching it all I could think was “yess so relevant!” Anyone else?

p.s. I know I missed my photography post on friday, I apologise. Nugget, the cat, had just come home from the vet recovering from tick paralysis and I spent a lot of time waiting to pick her up and then hugging her.

Xo Casey

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My Earliest Childhood Memory

Today I thought I would delve into the past and ask, what is the earliest thing I can remember?

Well, that would be the sound of a car exploding.

Owned and licensed under creative commons by flickr user Averain

I was 3 or 4 and in the bath when a huge glass-rattling *bang* was heard. Suddenly, everything was silent. There were no sounds in the neighborhood until, just as shock-inducing, sirens started to go off. I can even picture the bath, the bubbles and my mum freezing in horror sitting next to the bath. My older sister was somewhere in the room, but who really pays attention to their siblings πŸ˜›

I would later find out that a car had exploded down the hill from our house, in fact, in my pre-school car park. The roof of the car had even landed in a neighbours backyard!

The following days I can also remember very clearly, they were filled with finding glass in the pre-school play area, meeting firemen and seeing burnt McDonalds wrappers in the burnt out car.

What a life I have lived! LOL

Xo Casey


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A Guide to: Singapore

Singapore is a place where culture and fashion collide, it is incredibly fun and an absolute adventure visiting the country. You just have to know where to go. Today, I’m telling you the places I love best and the experiences you can not miss.

SIngaporeWhere to eat:

I recommend eating at the hawker centers or in eateries at least once! The best authentic food will be there, not at expensive restaurants on Orchard Road. Always ask a local (i.e. reception or host) for advice though, as some are a lot better than others.Little India, Singapore

Little India
Great curries with authentic flavour can be found from basically any shop in Little India. Choose from vegetarian or not and enjoy the amazing meal.

What to do:

The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari
The Zoo is one of my favourite places in Singapore and the best zoo I have been to. The Night Safari is an incredible experience that I have not seen produced anywhere else. They are right next to each other and you can grab some great dinner in the Safari during the hour between the zoo closing and the safari opening.

See the Merlion
An iconic experience of Singapore. I last went to Singapore with a friend who had never been to Singapore and when we went to see the Merlion it was shut! I would advise checking for any construction before you go.

Universal Studios
An incredibly fun day! It is not massive but with lines, food breaks and fireworks you can spend the whole day here. Personally I loved the Ancient Egypt area and the rides, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and Revenge of the Mummy.

Where to Shop:

P7150044Orchard Road
The premier shopping area of Singapore, Orchard Road has all the best stores from Gucci to H&M and it is 2.2 kilometers long! As an Australian I may have gone little mad in the 3 story H&M…

Little India and China Town
Little India has Mustafa Centre, a 24/7 department store that has everything you could ever think of. We managed to get lost in the centre! China Town is amazing for little gifts and mementos for yourself and friends.

Little India marketWhere to Stay:

Unfortunately I can not really help with where to stay as I have never had to pay for accommodation in Singapore, the perks of growing up there!

I have included a pick of places from Singapore, my own favourites, if you have other ideas comment below πŸ™‚

Should I continue this “a guide to” idea? I have ideas for New York,
Chicago, London, and a few others! Any advice to make the article
better, let me know in the comments πŸ™‚

P.S. Most photos in this post are creative commons use and the photographers can be found by clicking on them. My last trip was before I took up photography so please excuse the lack of my own photos!


Song of the Week: Hard Out Here – Lily Allen

As I become more involved in the media I have become intensely feminist. Inequailty, bigotry and misogny is just so obvious to me nowadays. For my song of the week how could I not mention Lilly Allen’s latest song?

Hard Out Here is a good look at sexism in the music industry and in society. There are even a few not so subtle digs at Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. The music video includes a set up of her ‘getting’ liposuction, a middle aged man teaching dancers how to twerk and, basically, Lilly Allen being kickass.Β  Some have critiqued the video’s contents, but really, as she says, “if you can’t detect the sarcasm, you’ve misunderstood”.

Hard Out Here is a bit NSFW, so don’t curiously start playing the clip in your office. You may love the song but your boss probably won’t!

I will sign off just this once saying, It sure is hard out here for a bitch


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Summer Holidays and Cute Cats

Summer Oh Summer, a time for relaxing and realising that an internship will not just magically appear. Darn!

The last month has been pure lazy time. For the first time since early December 2012, I am healthy, living at home and have no responsibilities. You can’t blame me for taking three weeks off and relaxing at home. I mean with these two cuties around the house, who wouldn’t? Seriously though, I spend a lot of time patting and carrying and feeding these two affectionate, greedy guts.

New posts will be coming soon. I have plans for 3 posts a week from now on and hopefully, maybe, some YouTube videos! Woo!