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HOW TO: Find Cheap Flights

After 6 months on exchange and well, really, the rest of my uni career looking for cheap city escapes I think I have some ideas on how to find a cheap flight. I’ve got 3 quick, easy tips for you.

Firstly, always look at flexible dates.  Click the ‘flex-month’, ‘3 week view’ or ‘flexible dates’ button that your search engine will have. The more flexible you are, the more likely that cheap flight will work for you.


Secondly, always check multiple sights. I always check costs on KAYAK, STA Travel, Momondo and a few others. The more you search the higher chance you will find that perfect deal.

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Finally, a great tool to use is KAYAK. If you click on more in their top menu, you go to a page where ‘Price Alerts’ is an option. Click that. Putting in your preferred flights and costs is simple and quick, then KAYAK will email you either daily or weekly with the fares which fit your criteria. All the searching with no hard work!


And that is that! 2 Quick, Easy tips to finding the cheapest flights. Leave any questions below and I’ll be sure to answer them!

Xo Casey