HOW TO: Travel Europe Cheap

Airport Moment

There are a few tricks to traveling.ย I think one of the most important tricks is using your money wisely and traveling smart.

Last summer I spent two and a half months traveling through Europe, slowly bleeding money and counting pennies because of it! I think I learnt a lot; so today, I’m going to give you five easy tips to remember when on your dream Europe adventure.

1) Travel by bus or train (or book your planes veryyyyyy early)

Flight prices will rise and rise and rise in Europe,ย so if you want to travel with an adequate bag and not stress, use the trains and buses. Europe has one of the best on-ground transport systems on any continent. Personally I used trains and buses interchangeably.

Europe has this thing called Eurolines which I LOVED. You can take 2 suitcases under the bus, plus carry on. You have great views of the countryside and get to see random little villages. Plus, they’re generally cheaper if you are looking for last minute tickets.

Of course, I have to mention EuRail. Europe has a great system of trains that can take you basically anywhere you want to go. I didn’t do this but you can get tickets that will allow you to travel 5 to 8 days out of a 2 month period. These will generally cost around $450 but are quite cost effective and convenient if it fits your holiday plans.

2) Check multiple sources (for tickets)

One memorable moment was when I figured out going from the German to the Italian website for a bus company would save me 15 euros. If you’re backpacking that’s like a whole extra night somewhere. Don’t take the first price you find, compare websites for the cheapest trip, orย look for the same route and time at multiple places.

Also, as I explained in my last blog, use sites such as STA and Monomondo to find cheap flights. They will compare all the airlines for you!

But, just make sure it looks legit, you don’t want to be stranded at a random bus stop in the middle of nowhere!

3) Always use relevant discounts!

I am a student and a youth (under 26), so a lot of places and transport will have slightly cheaper tickets. Using relevant concessions can save a lot! i.e. the time I got a first class train to Venice for the cost of slightly cheaper than a normal adult in 2nd class. It was worth it.

So moving on from the transport tips,

4) Stay at Hostels (or Courchsurf!)

I recommend staying in hostels when possible. They are less expensive, friendly, and often provide great cheap or free breakfast. You can find hostels at sites such as HostelWorldย or Hostel Bookers. What is great about these sites is that you can look at reviews and they have percentage ratings. Personally I won’t stay in a hostel under 80%.

But, there are some people who shouldn’t stay in hostels. When in Paris last July, I found my hostel and checked in. I stepped into my room and was greeted by 5 panicked Australian girls frantically packing their bags and talking to their parents on long distance phone calls. I recommend staying in hostels but please know what you’re paying for. These girls were expecting luxury and what they got was bunkbeds, a pub at the bottom and a slightly crazy hotel feel. To me it was actually one of the nicer hostels I had stayed in, to them it was horrible and not their ‘dream’ Parisian experience.

Also, Couchsurfing is a great experience if you are up for it! Basically, people offer up their couch, floor space or sometimes, a bed, where you can sleep and wake up to the local experience. You make an account just like your facebook (but less personal!) and send messages to people you want to stay with. They decide based on your profile and previous reviews. It is a great experience if you want to know the ins and outs of a city and don’t mind sleeping on someones floor. I couchsurfed in Montreal, Canada and had some amazing chats with my host in their tiny but amazing apartment.

Ok, so after all of that I give you

5) Don’t eat where the tourists eat.

Seriously guys, C’monnnnn. Don’t do it. You know you are going to pay double or triple the cost and in places such as Italy they will charge you a huge cost simply for sitting in the restaurant, and yes that is on top of the 20 Euro pasta. Go find some random cafe with lots of yelling and laughing Italians. Drink, be merry and spend way less than the tourists being tricked into poor quality and poor service in the main square.

Even better, grab breakfast, lunch and/or dinner from the supermarket! A lot cheaper and you can control how much and how healthy you want to eat.

Alright, so that is my five tips to traveling Europe cheap! There are, of course, a lot more but these are the common sense ones that are not so obvious to newbies. Let me know your tricks to traveling cheap in the comments below.

Xo Casey


Music and Places

Over the years I’ve travelled a fair bit. My experiences differ; from driving through the U.S. mid-west with my parents, to sleeping on a bus while backpacking across Europe. What has remained the same is the fact that those experiences seem to have music inseparably connected to them. Is this just me or do others have the same thing happen?

I’ve got three examples for you.

Fall Out Boy – Folie A Deuxย 

This album was released just before my 10th grade art and history tour to Europe.ย I listened to this album on repeat, again and again as we drove through the mountains in Greece. In fact, I was listening to this as we approached Delphi. I see green and slate, ruins and buses, friends and teachers; it never fails to make me smile.

Kesha – Warrior

While on exchange in New Jersey I listened to a lot of music that I honestly hadn’t been that interested in before; this album was part of that. Getting the bus into New York was a 30 to 40 minute drive through increasingly metal filled environments but, there was one magical moment before you hit the city tunnels. The Lincoln Tunnel Helix gives you a moment of the best view of New York I have ever seen. It is the perfect skyline, during the day and at night. This album just makes me think of that perfect view and that amazing city. I think I left my heart in New York.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist

Oddly enough this album reminds me of Belgium and France. I messed up on my way to Belgium, I missed my flight in Milan. After minutes of pure panic, I went to the bus stop. 70 euros later I had booked a 24 hour bus from Italy to Belgium. This was going to be one of the most memorable trips of my life. We would drive through the alps, through rural France, only to awaken for a 15 minute break in Paris. Then there was another 6 hour trip. We left Paris as the sun was rising. The sky was stained red, with shoots of orange reaching out into the night sky. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and this was my soundtrack.

What about you, do you have a song or an album you will always associate with a place? Let me know in the comments!

Xo Casey

Italian Birthdays

Wine in Milan, Italy

“It’s my birthday today, want to get dinner?”

Looking at each other we stared and started nodding. An Italian dinner and wine? Who would say no?

We were in Milan. The hostel was the remnants of an old commune and the walls were so thin we could hear the breathing of the girls next door. Our bunkbeds were rusty and creaking as everyone sat up groaning about the inescapable humid heat. A pool would be perfect right now, but we were backpacking,ย  wine and dinner was a perfect alternative.

I had met these girls about three hours ago, but that is the way when backpacking. You meet, you chat, you do something memorable. This night would be a perfect description of my backpacking experience.

We walked along the street, pointing out the squatters in a building across the road. Large signs in Italian were hung between buildings and off the roof. One of the girls pointed out the different signs and what they meant; these people were protesting against the city government.

Dinner would be pasta, of course. The memory of what exactly I ate has escaped me, but the exasperated annoyance when we realised we had to pay for the bread they put on the table will stay with me.

“But they put it there! Not one word at all about money…”

A quick trip down to the grocery would supply us with wine. 2 Euros for a bottle that would cost 20 at home. We each grabbed one. We had no clue if alcohol was allowed in the hostel but from what we had seen so far, we doubted they would care.

The rest of the night was spent curled up on surfaces in the common room. Talking to Germans, Italians, Americans, Canadians and of course the ever plentiful Australians.

xo Casey

Travel Theme: Architecture

If Where’sMyBackpack assigns architecture I think it is definitely time for me to sort through my Venice, Italy photos.

This photo I took while walking across a less populated bridge (there are many of those in Venice). I was utterly lost but noticed just two bridges down there were many many tourists. Accompanied by the almost perfect framing of the buildings, I took my shot. I love this photo and I hope you do too.

Venice, Italy

A Word A Week Challenge: Orange

It took me quite a while to decide if I wanted to post a picture for this challenge at all. Orange is not my favourite colour and I just couldn’t see any photos I’d taken that were relevant. Well, inspiration hit last night and I remembered Italy.

In Florence every building, every bridge, everything was just a shade of orange or brown. Very terracotta-esque. I love the photo I’m posting today. I was taking a walk before dinner a couple of years ago when in Florence and realised oh, wow this view is mind-blowing. I hope you see the same.

Bridge in Florence

Edit: Thank you so much for the responses! Italy, and Florence, is an amazing place and I’m so happy to share my glimpse of it with you