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Music and Places

Over the years I’ve travelled a fair bit. My experiences differ; from driving through the U.S. mid-west with my parents, to sleeping on a bus while backpacking across Europe. What has remained the same is the fact that those experiences seem to have music inseparably connected to them. Is this just me or do others have the same thing happen?

I’ve got three examples for you.

Fall Out Boy – Folie A Deux 

This album was released just before my 10th grade art and history tour to Europe. I listened to this album on repeat, again and again as we drove through the mountains in Greece. In fact, I was listening to this as we approached Delphi. I see green and slate, ruins and buses, friends and teachers; it never fails to make me smile.

Kesha – Warrior

While on exchange in New Jersey I listened to a lot of music that I honestly hadn’t been that interested in before; this album was part of that. Getting the bus into New York was a 30 to 40 minute drive through increasingly metal filled environments but, there was one magical moment before you hit the city tunnels. The Lincoln Tunnel Helix gives you a moment of the best view of New York I have ever seen. It is the perfect skyline, during the day and at night. This album just makes me think of that perfect view and that amazing city. I think I left my heart in New York.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist

Oddly enough this album reminds me of Belgium and France. I messed up on my way to Belgium, I missed my flight in Milan. After minutes of pure panic, I went to the bus stop. 70 euros later I had booked a 24 hour bus from Italy to Belgium. This was going to be one of the most memorable trips of my life. We would drive through the alps, through rural France, only to awaken for a 15 minute break in Paris. Then there was another 6 hour trip. We left Paris as the sun was rising. The sky was stained red, with shoots of orange reaching out into the night sky. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and this was my soundtrack.

What about you, do you have a song or an album you will always associate with a place? Let me know in the comments!

Xo Casey

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Moving To The Good Ol’ U.S.A.

There are moments where I question where I am. I wake up and ask why mum hasn’t woken me up yet. And then I blink awake and I remember. I live in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

I have always said America is a land of opposites. The fat and the thin. The healthy and the fast food. The rich and the poor. The overachievers and the underachievers. Well, living here I can only state that again and again. I’m constantly confused and yet in love with the U.S. Especially New York.

Yellow Cabs

Firstly, let me talk about Rutgers, New Brunswick; my home until May 13th this year.

New Brunswick is a college town with an inordinate amount of fast food and yet no McDonalds. You can pick up fast food from most stores on the main street and on the streets surrounding it. A college attitude for a college town. I am at Chipoltle quite often buying a Burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans and a heap of salad. Yummm, Oh I will miss that place when I leave America.

Here’s something contradictory though. New Brunswick is the ‘Healthcare City’. ‘scuse Me? Yup, you heard me. This means that I spend a lot of time, when I should be sleeping, with my pillow over my head moaning about sirens passing every 3 minutes. Sometimes that will go on the whole night.

I live right smack bang in the middle of the city of New Brunswick.


I’ll be honest, I don’t really live the typical college life. I like dancing and music but I’ve never been too keen on standing around all night. I could do that anywhere really. I spend my time taking photos, shopping online, watching YouTube videos and planning my trip to Europe in June/July. Living on the edge fo’ sure.

I have discovered a love of photography. I am slowly learning what makes a ‘good photo’ and how to play with what is in front of my lens.

There are four campuses around where I live, though Rutgers has two more in NJ. Some of these are particularly gorgeous spots with large open spaces and old manor houses. Sometimes I get the urge to wander around and slip into these old buildings, but I know many of them are locked office buildings. Oh the woe.

Living by yourself (well away from family) for the first time is an eye-opening experience. I have had to develop the will the cook for myself every day (still not quite there) and the worst of all, to do my laundry. Every time I have to do laundry it is because I am down to no underwear and pjs. I am a classy lady.

Really though. Living away from home is tough. You have no support system and must figure out and deal with most things by yourself. In the two months I have been away I believe I have really started to figure out that no, I don’t have everything figured out. I won’t settle for ordinary because doing odd things is so refreshing and makes me really believe in life. When I go home to Sydney, it will not be forever but a stopover in great plans.