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I booked a trip!

I took a leap today. Looking at KAYAK, I noticed that a fare to Auckland return was $390. As most fares are around $550 I took that leap. I booked it.

I will be going to New Zealand for a month and a half at the end of the year. The excitement levels are skyrocketing tonight. So much to plan! So much to do! Hopefully I can do some work experience in Auckland.

The possibility in travel is an exciting feeling. That almost bubbling feeling of contentment and choice is better than the finest wines. Using the internet to research the country and where you can go creates a joy that will not go away.

A lot of my family is from New Zealand, as my mum is a citizen and grew up there. It will exciting to not only see family but explore by myself the place mum is from.

Xo Casey

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