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Stress and Relaxation

Ok I’ll admit it. Life got me in the bee-hind. I was officially super stressed out for most of february. Not even in a terribly busy way. I was just stressed about what I had to do. Specifically, get an internship. and if I could get it on time for the new uni semester. This stress had me near pulling my hair out and doing pointless things instead of the things I really enjoy.

Well I got an internship and suddenly life seems easier. I suppose there is a lesson in that. Don’t let stress stop you doing what you love. All of this is a really long tale as to why I’ve been missing the last month. Now, let’s go over strategies. All the stress has been useful for one thing, I’ve developed a few anti-stress strategies this month. Really most of them are common sense, but hey, why argue with what works?

  1. Listen to a calming playlist. Spotify is great for finding the perfect mix for de-stressing.
  2. Make a cup of tea (or coffee). The familiar movements can make your brain take a step back.
  3. Take a bath, with lots of candles around and bubbles. C’mon who honestly doesn’t like a bubble bath?
  4. Make your favourite meal. Maybe a bit sparingly, it’s just not healthy to eat spag-bol for a whole month.
  5. Run! Ok even those who hate running, something about hitting a treadmill just is relaxing. I think it’s the rhythm, it just zones the brain. (Never a pavement for me, I hate hills and cement). But hey, if you’re having trouble zoning in, try ‘Zombies, Run!’
  6. Have the girls (or boys) round and hit the wine. I’m in my early twenties, sometimes this is the best solution to just chill out and turn the brain off.

So there are my strategies. Anyone else got some to recommend? Soon to be entering the real world me really does need them.



Also why is my spotify link not working? Grrrr wordpress! More stress!