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Anyone feel like life throws punches at you?

and then whoever dodges best ends up succeeding in life. Just a thought. I mean the whole world is a circus so it would only make sense.

Anyway, my life at the moment is incredibly boring but busy. I’m trying to get a PR internship (if anyone needs an intern let me know!), do pilates every day, get my license to teach swimming and volunteer as much as possible. This means my days are filled with blue shirts, applications, pools and yoga mats. It can be interesting and invigorating having things booked every day. But having health problems at the same time just makes things overly difficult.

Volunteering at Sydney FestivalI’m really looking forward to teaching swimming. Seeing kids improve with every day is amazing; their smiles and excitement as they realise they swam a lap or learnt doggy paddle for the first time are incredible and leave every day feeling positive.

That is what’s happening in my life, how about you? Got a new pet? How about a new pair of shoes?

Xo Casey