New Zealand, Travel

Planning My Trip

As previously mentioned, I am spending six weeks in New Zealand this year. I have five and a half months until I leave, and one month of traveling to plan.

I think planning your travel is a very important step. Especially if you want to save money. Often, transport like buses or trains will be a lot cheaper the earlier you book. Right now I could book a $1 bus from auckland to wellington, in 2 months it will probably be at $20 and then the week before it will be over $50.

I’ve been looking at a lot of youtube videos to see if there are any places that pop out, any activities or places off the usual tourist track. I’ve realised one month is going to give me the bare basics of New Zealand. New Zealand could entertain and amaze a person for their whole lives. Basically, I’m spoilt for choice.

I think I will be focusing on the South Island.I spent a lot of time as a kid wandering the North Island visiting various relatives and seeing various places. I will of course be seeing my relatives but I think places like Milford Sound, Queenstown and Dunedin are calling.

I’ve been looking at sites such as gadventures, contiki, and kiwiexperience. I think I might go with Kiwi Experience for their Bottoms Up tour. Part of this is that I’m not paying for foods I cant eat, or experiences I don’t want to take part in (or can’t i.e. beer tour). Anyone used these touring companies in NZ?

Anyone got tips for backpacking New Zealand?

Xoxo Casey